Rental FAQ's

Why rent dresses?
Purchasing dresses or gowns can become quite expensive especially when it’s just for a photoshoot. I want to give you the opportunity to look extra beautiful for your photoshoot or event with my dress rentals. Why fill up your closet with expensive dresses that you only plan to wear once? I allow you the flexibility to rent custom one of a kind dresses that not only make you feel beautiful, but can be done at a fraction of the cost.

Can I reserve dresses for a future date?
100% you can. Contact me and I can set it up for you.

What is the condition of the inventory?
My rentals are checked periodically by me, but they are respectfully maintained by each renter. If there are any significant issues the dress will be replaced or fixed as soon as possible. I strive to keep each dress clean & well maintained as much as I can.

How do rentals work?
- Choose the perfect dress rental for your specific date. Options vary on date, color, etc. There are quite a few options to choose from. It’s all up to you!

- Contact me prior to purchase to check if the date is available for the one you want to rent. Once that is confirmed put your order in & fill out the rental agreement that get’s emailed to you.

- You will receive the dress at least 1 day before your rental period begins. On your last day of your rental you will receive a return shipping label to come back to me or to the next renter. You have the day after your rental period ends to ship the dress back out. You must make sure the dress has no dirt, stains, tears, etc. If you notice any significant rips or tears please inform me immediately.

Delivery options?
Currently only USPS is being utilized. Please have your parcel brought to the specified mailing carrier on your return label. An active scan is required the day after your rental ends to avoid any late fees.

Rush Shipping is an option if needed, but is an extra fee.

Return shipping is not included in the price. You must pay for return shipping at the post office or buy a discounted label from and print it out at home.

What if the dress doesn’t fit?
Please read the sizing listed on each dress to make sure you rent the correct size. No refunds or exchanges are available.

What if I return the dress late or not at all?
The rental agreement states when a dress is not returned or shipped back on time by the customer it impacts us to fulfill our promises to our other clients which harms our business. We expect our clients to return the dresses on time by their end date to ensure we can deliver to our future customers on time as well. Late fees are $25 per day per rental item and can accumulate up to 200% of the purchasing price of each garment.

What about stains or damages to the dress?
We understand there are circumstance under which certain wear and tear cannot be avoided. Significant damages or stains to the garment will result in charges to the credit card on file to cover the cost of the repair, or even full replacement of the garment. More information can be found in our Rental Agreement.

Do I need to clean the dress before I return it?
Yes, as the dress most likely will be sent to the next renter. Please check for any stains, rips, tears, branches, grass, etc. Hand wash if needed & hand dry or tumble low.

Can any garment be used in water?
Please notify me ahead of time if you plan to use a dress in the water. It varies on which dress is going to be used.